Maternity Sessions

Hey Mumma,

Maternity sessions are such a beautiful way to document your expanding family. They can be for couples welcoming their first baby or for growing families expending their newest babe. Some women cringe at having their photos taken at this time as we often don't feel up to it. Our growing bodies sometimes feel foreign and fatigue can set in making us not feel our best selves. I have been there with three little kiddos of my own and now that I am on the other side of my pregnancy and newborn days the photos are something I treasure.

This blog post is going to provide you with some tips on how to feel your best self and when. you should book in for your session.

Let's talk about when the best time is to make your booking. I recommend you get in touch sometimes during your second trimester and secure your session. Securing your session means you make contact with the intent to book and pay the $200 booking fee and then we get the ball rolling, chatting availability, styling and location choices. The best time for your session to take place is generally between 30 & 34 weeks. That way your bump is usually nice and pronounced but the " heavy, swollen" feeling some women experience towards the end of their pregnancy hasn't kicked in yet. This is just a guide only. I have had Mum's on their second pregnancies showing a little earlier who booked in at around 25 weeks for their session. There is no right or wrong.

I hear you saying " but Dannii I have nothing to wear". I offer a small complimentary client wardrobe for you to borrow from if you would like to take some of the pressure away from choosing a comfortable outfit. I love assisting clients with pulling all of their outfits together too. I usually ask my clients to lay out their outfits on their bed and we can pick and choose colours and items that compliment each other as a whole pulling together a comfortable, stylish and cohesive look. I recommend my clients treat their photography sessions like a date night. That looks different for all of us for some it might mean having their hair and makeup done, for others it might mean a new outfit. Whatever this looks like for you put in some effort and time to get ready for your session so you can arrive feeling like your best, glowing, pregnant self.

My gallery turn around time is usually around 2 weeks. when your gallery is completed you can view it from the comfort of your own home in your private viewing gallery and make your selections based on what collection you have purchased. I also have a print store conveniently added to your gallery so that you can select printed products for your home.

I would love to see you and your beautiful bump in front of my camera soon. Please reach out with any questions or enquires.

Big Love,