Today we celebrate international woman's day.

It seems fitting to share this beautiful Woman and her gallery from our Gold Coast sunrise session. I'd " made friends" with Heidi online and loved everything she promoted in terms of body love, body positivity, size inclusive fashion and the fact that as women with hormone fluctuations our journeys are not linear when it comes to how we feel in our skin and how we approach health, fitness and overall wellness. I was craving creativity at the time and reached out to see if she would be interested in shooting with me. She travelled from Toowoomba and stayed on the coast so our 430 am meet up was more manageable and we spent the morning creating absolute magic!! Still one of my favourite shoots to this date it was such cup filling experience to have her in front of my lens in all her beautiful womanly glory. Heidi was already a brand influencer and doing smaller modelling gigs but after our session she went on to land a modelling contract gracing runways and representing brands.